The N64/PC Controler Project

This page is dedicated to bringing the N64 controler to the PC to be used in any PC game. This piece of hardware is perhaps the most complete game controler ever developed, and with emulators for the N64 on the PC on the horizon, gamers will be demanding a better suited PC controler.

This project has two primary goals. The first is to use the N64 controler on the PC, making full uses of it's features (i.e. Rumble Pack, Memory Cards, Accurate Analog Control). The second goal is to support up to 4 controlers, all on one standard parallel port.

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Current News

March 18, 1998: All right! Actuall progress! I wrote a small test program from scratch, since the other code I was given just wasn't working with me (damn compilers). I rewrote it with a big assist from my roomate, and it appears to work. Only problem: As I mentioned earlier this week, moron me left the controler at home. I'll test it as soon as I get home Friday. I have high hopes because the program returns all 1's for the 64 bits (Thanks to Moosehead for informing me that the data comes in 64 bits), which is the high bit by default. And as of now, the origional adapter design from March 12 is still being used. I'm going to start writing the driver this weekend. Being optimistic here, I could have a driver done by the weekend. Um, maybe not.

March 17, 1998: Happy St. Patties Day! Just a little housekeeping today. Moved the page to Tripod because it allows more space and it faster. Must I say anything else? I also have redone the web page layout, so I hope you like it! I'll be reading docs from the DDK all night on all kinds of stuff, so there's not much to be said for now. I hope to have an update later or a huge one tomorrow.

March 16, 1998: I know, I havent done an update in a while. Well, I've been busy watching URI kick a little Kansas ASS! Anyways, I've been getting a lot of info from the person who helped me in the last update, and there's gonna be a little change in the circuit design. I'll update that when I acually build the next one. I'll do that this weekend because I am a genious and left my equipment at home. Aside from that, I have some good news about the driver. I am LEGALLY testing Windows 98 and have the DDK, I'll save myself a couple thousand dollars and make it for 98. I will also release the source code when it is done so someone could port it to 95, NT4, or whatever they want, so everyone can be happy. Also, DO NOT ASK ME FOR 98! YOU AIN'T GONNA GET IT FROM ME! I've been reading up on how it communicates with the parallel port, along with Direct Input, and am starting to get an idea how how to set this up. This wont be out for a while though, so I'll just keep you updated. I'd also appreciate any info on sing the parallel port through the Win API, since this is my first attempt at doing something like this. Guess I'll be reading help files a lot.

Benji York from SNESKey has been a great help to this project. He sent me a scope program to test the controler, and once I rebuild the adapter and see if I can get this program to work, I'll post it up here. Hopefully, that will come about this weekend.

Finally, I would appreciate anyone with an oscilliscope to contact me. It would be great if you could use it with an N64 to advance this project or if you'd be willing to part with it. I have no money right now, but I'd be willing to make an adaptor once they work as payment for whoever can help out. I'll update again soon.

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